Ill. Human Service Contractors Sue Governor in 2 Counties

Mar 13, 2017

Credit Cal Injury Lawyer / Flickr/Creative Commons

A group of Illinois contractors is accusing Gov. Bruce Rauner of violating the state Constitution.

In a document filed Friday afternoon with the state Appellate Court, the "Pay Now Illinois” coalition criticizes Rauner for signing contracts … but using his veto power to block money to pay for them.

Andrea Durbin is head of the Illinois Collaboration on Youth, the lead plaintiff in the coalition.

“We’ve been hearing lately how Illinois needs to be a business-friendly state. This is not just our services that are at stake, it's the reputation of our state," Durbin said. "And if the state cannot honor its contracts, who will want to do business here?”

The court filing alleges Rauner is using coalition members to essentially “loan” services to Illinois — just so he can keep government afloat while continuing a “feud” with the General Assembly.

While waiting for its appeal in Chicago, the coalition is also pursuing a separate legal challenge in St. Clair County.