IL Farm Bureau hails diplomatic move toward Cuba

Dec 18, 2014

A top staffer with the Illinois Farm Bureau says the President's decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba should create a significant bump in u.s. exports very soon. Adam Nielsen is the Farm Bureau's Director of National Legislation and Policy Development.

"This is a great day. The Illinois Farm Bureau has been working for this for many years. Farmers don't like to be told where they can travel or who they can sell to, and I think we're going to see some progress in a very short period of time." 

Nielsen says Cuba will not be a top ten market for Illinois farmers, but it will be significant.

"They sure like rice out of the south and they like Illinois corn and soybeans and they like wheat out of the Great Plains states."

Under restrictive credit rules that have required third party credit since 2005, Nielsen says Illinois farmers have had difficulty competing with Brazilian soybeans, rice from Vietnam , and wheat from France.