Historic Bakery Gets Historic (New) Address

Oct 14, 2016

Trefzger's Bakery is now open at their new location, 4416 N Prospect Rd in Peoria Heights.
Credit Trefzger's Bakery / Facebook

Trefzger’s Bakery opened in it’s new home yesterday. The official ribbon cutting on the historic bakery’s move to a refurbished old factory building is this morning at 8:30. Trefzger’s uses about 450 pounds of butter cream every day to trim the cakes and ice the cookies. With that large volume, co-owner Jeff Huebner says it was time for Trefzger’s Bakery to move to the larger building in Peoria Heights.


"We didn’t want to take our old established business, the business has been around since 1861, and to take that old business and put it in a brand new shiny building."


Trefzger’s new address was originally the Rouse Hazard bicycle Company built in 1895. Jeff Huebner and his wife Martha are also looking to the future. She says the new year will bring an expanded menu.


"We’re going to have tables so people can eat and have a quiche, a piece of pizza or a sandwich."

The couple converted the second floor of the old factory into Trailside Event Center for weddings and corporate events. Today is Trefzger’s grand opening at 4416 North Prospect Road.