Higher sewer fees coming for the city of Peoria

Mar 7, 2016

Credit gpsd.dst.il.us

  The Peoria City Council is set to approve a two-part sewer fee increase at its regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting. The fee increases are already factored into this year’s budget.


Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich says the rate increases are necessary to stay current with the expenses of the sewer system managed by the Greater Peoria Sanitary District. “If you are in the southern portion of the city the rates would be $57.77 a quarter on average. And the typical residential bill north of War Memorial Drive are running about $62.54.”   

The average bill is figured on a three person household. Increases are slated to show up on the May quarterly bills.


The second increase comes the same time next year. The 2017 increase will make the average quarterly bill about $66 for those south of War Drive and $68 for residents to the north.