Heartland Health Rolling Out Mobile Clinics for the Homeless

Mar 25, 2020

Heartland Health Services is rolling out a mobile clinic this week to provide medical screening and care to local shelters.

"We'll be providing some screening and addressing some medical needs, particularly those that would put patients at increased risk for not surviving a COVID-19 illness," said Dr. Gregg Stoner, CEO of Heartland Health Services.

The clinic will also help connect people to primary care providers if needed.

"We think this is an important step for our community, and think it will really help this population, and hope to expand that even further in the future," Stoner said.

Stoner said the mobile clinic will intially visit The Salvation Army, the two Peoria Rescue Ministries locations, the Dream Center, and the South Side Mission.

A trial run is set for Friday - with plans to have the clinic fully operational by Monday.

Stoner also said one of the local hospitals is working to open a rapid testing clinic for those already hospitalized. He said he couldn't reveal more details.

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