Heartland Health Expands Services

Oct 26, 2016

Credit Tanya Koonce

What has been known as Heartland Clinic is now Heartland Health Services and has a new heart shaped logo. They are also expanding the services offered.

Heartland is adding a facility in Pekin at East Court Village, to open next spring.  Charles Bandoian is the CEO of Heartland. Speaking from the Carver Clinic in Peoria, he say the new Pekin site will specialize in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Pediatric care:

“Right now those are two serves we don’t have specifically at our five sites here. So we’re are intending to expand those areas across Heartland. This happens to be the first site.”

The federally funded health care provider is also planning to add adolescent psychiatry via telemedicine. Bandoian says it’s an area of need and doctor shortage across the country.