Graffiti becoming more visible in East Peoria

Mar 18, 2014


More graffiti is turning up in East Peoria. City officials agree they need to find a way to reduce if not eliminate it. But some of the rogue painting - vulgar and tantamount to vandalism - is happening on the Interstate 74 overpass and the Route 150 bridge, both maintained by the state.

Robert Cole handles buildings and property for the city. He says,"what we’re looking at doing is tweaking the graffiti ordinance to align it so that we can you know get them properties, either fine the people or be able to remove it and recoup some of the money that’s going to be required to remove the graffiti or cover it up. But we want to make sure we do this in a diligent way.”    

Members of the City Council and the Police Chief are asking people who see graffiti painting in progress to report it. 

The City of East Peoria is also making budgetary considerations for next fiscal year. The fire department is looking to add a part-time inspector. The Fire Chief is also asking the council to start planning for a fourth firehouse in the northern part of the city, specifically in the ICC, Armstrong School area.