Governor Rauner Joins Labor Day Parade

Sep 5, 2016

Illinois governor Bruce Rauner joined a Labor Day parade today in friendly territory, west-suburban Naperville.  Rauner is not seen as a friend of organized labor.  But he got cheers at this heavily Republican parade, marching amidst the high school bands and dance teams.

"Enjoy Labor Day! Happy parade!"

Jim Caffray, a home remodeler from Oswego, says he likes that the governor is fighting the democratic machine.  There’s no unions in this Labor Day parade.

"I think that’s great, actually. Because I think the unions have been destroying this country for 50 years now."

There were still union supporters in the crowd. A Batavia public school teacher greeted Rauner like this:

"Go UNIONS! IEA, NEA! Support the teachers—they’re our future!"

Rauner remains locked in a prolonged fight with the state workers’ union.