General Counsel Recommends Tossing Out Fawell Petition Challenge

Dec 16, 2019

The Illinois State Board of Elections' general counsel is recommending tossing out a petition challenge to 17th District congressional candidate Bill Fawell. 

The objector claims Fawell didn't gather have enough registered Republicans sign his petitions. They also say his notary had a conflict of interest. An objection to the Republican's petitions was filed on December 2.

However, the objector did not fill out the necessary identifying information, like their name and address. The general counsel writes this makes it impossible to find out if the objection came from a 17th District resident.

It's believed this is the first time this has happened in Illinois. The State Board of Elections meets in Chicago Tuesday to rule on petition challenges.

Fawell was the Republican nominee for the seat in 2018. But the Illinois Republican Party pulled support from him after he touted 9/11 conspiracy theories.