Fulton Sheen's Hometown Museum Hopes Peoria Re-Interment Sparks New Interest

Jun 10, 2019

EL PASO -- The return of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s remains to Peoria have some hoping more people will learn about the Woodford County native’s life and works.

“I think they’re going to become aware more of the bishop and history, and it’s going to be a grateful experience for all of us," said Karen Fulte, the director of the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen Spiritual Center in his hometown of El Paso.

Sheen was considered an early televangelist and prolific author. He died in 1979 and was buried in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Credit ABC Radio / Wikimedia Commons

A legal battle over his final resting place ended late last week after several years winding through the New York court system. The ongoing lawsuit had put the process to make Sheen a saint on hold. 

The Archdiocese is now working with the Diocese of Peoria and Sheen's closest living relative, niece Joan Sheen Cunningham.

The Diocese of Peoria declined WCBU's request for a recorded interview.

Fulte said she hopes the move brings more people to the Spiritual Centre in the Historic El Paso Depot to learn about Sheen. The museum features art, books, and recordings of the archbishop. 

Click here for more information or call the Spiritual Centre at (309) 527-4062.