Former WEEK Anchor's Response to Viewer's Clothing Criticism Garners National Attention

Sep 9, 2019

Former WEEK-TV anchor Maggie Vespa's response to a man who told her to dress like a "normal woman" on social media is getting nationwide attention.

Vespa is now the weekend anchor at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. A viewer named "Jeffery" sent her a message Friday, calling her clothes "rediculous" (sic) and claiming her high-waisted pants were not "cool looking."

He followed up with a message Saturday, saying she looked uncomfortable and should "try dressing like a normal woman."

Vespa's social media posts on the messages quickly evolved into a larger conversation on the pressures women face about their personal appearances, especially women in the public spotlight.

In response, Vespa wore a different pair of high-waisted pants for every show she anchored over the last weekend.

"Look, our goal here is to send a message. To women, to girls, to everyone. Dress how you want, look how you want. And if anyone tries to make you feel less than because of that, that's their problem, not yours," she said.

The story made the national Associated Press wire and the Washington Post by Monday evening.

Vespa is a Peoria native. She's worked at KGW since 2014.