A former Peoria City staffer get seat on Council

Aug 27, 2013

Peoria Attorney Beth Jensen is the City Council's consensus pick to the fill the remainder of Gary Sandberg's at-large seat. The long-time councilman died last month. 

Jensen previously worked in the city's legal department. 

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis says standard backgrounds checks still need to be conducted before the council makes the official vote to place Jensen in the seat. He says that will happen during the council's next regular business meeting in two weeks.

The Peoria City Council will begin its annual budget process next week with a policy session Tuesday evening.   

The Peoria City Council also unanimously approve a three-year contract with a company called Shotspotter during it regular business meeting. 

The city will pay a total of $405,000 over the life of the contract.  It means three square miles in the southern-most part of the city will be outfitted with about 50 small antennas capable of pinpointing and distinguishing outside gunfire from other similar sounds. It can also follow and clock ongoing gunfire. It's estimated the gunfire alert system will take 45 seconds to reach the Peoria Dispatch Center.     

You can learn more about the Shotspotter System by linking to this weeks Outside the Horseshoe with Peoria Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard.