First District Challenger Formally Announces Campaign

Dec 8, 2016

The 1st District Peoria City Council Seat has some competition in the April 4th. David Berry is challenging the incumbent, Councilwoman Denise Moore.  He made a formal announcement yesterday. Berry says the incumbent is doing a good job on the whole but he would like to see more:

David Berry
Credit Facebook

“Now issue I am seeing overall 1st District is that when it comes to public funding it’s nearly 100-percent going to private sector projects and in some cases there are zero dollars going to job train and continuing education.”

The first district holds one of the 100 poorest zip codes in the country, and it also has more black residents than the other four districts combined.

Berry, who is white says skin color aside, making sure the city addresses poverty issues will improve the standard of living for everyone in the first district.

Councilwoman Denise Moore

The Denise Moore and David Berry are the only two candidates for First District Peoria City Council seat. They’ll move through the February 29th primary and compete in the April 4th general Election.