Famous Photos And The Moon Making Big Debut at Peoria Riverfront Museum

Sep 13, 2019

A pair of new exhibits make their big debut tomorrow at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

The Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art sent photography from famous 20th century artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe and Sally Mann to Peoria. 

The works usually don’t leave New York City. Museum curator Bill Conger said the 80 works on display are precursors to contemporary artistic photography. 

“We have areas of narrative, portraiture and environment, all kind of covered in a succinct way. But the diversity of language within this exhibition is absolutely phenomenal," Conger said. 

The moon has landed in Peoria

The Peoria Riverfront Museum is also debuting an illuminated moon model tomorrow.  It's aptly named "MOON." 

“Visitors will get to get up close and personal to a 13-foot diameter replica of the moon created just for the museum by British artist Luke Jerram, using real photography from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is currently in orbit around the moon," said museum science curator Renae Kerrigan. 

The inflatable model is the centerpiece of an exhibit centered around Earth’s satellite and the moon missions. 

If you go

Both exhibits debut at 10 a.m. Admission to the museum is free for members, $11 for the general public, $10 for seniors, and $9 for kids ages 3-17. For more information, call 309-686-7000.