Facebook Works to Stop Broadcast of Violent Crimes

May 4, 2017

Some leaders in Chicago’s black community say they’re working with Facebook to stop violent crimes from being broadcast on the social networking site.  Several horrific acts of violence have been streamed live on Facebook this year in Chicago, including the murder of a 2 year old.

Yesterday, the company announced plans to hire three thousand more people to monitor Facebook Live and take down violent videos.  Today, a pair of Facebook officials met with Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

"We don’t want street murders to go viral, we don’t want rapes to go viral, so the fact that they’re hiring three thousand people to check is a step in the right direction. That may not be enough, we don’t know."

Boykin and Jackson say they plan to go to Silicon Valley next month for Facebook’s annual stockholders meeting - they hope to meet with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.