Ex-House Chief in Harassment Claim Due $130K

Jun 26, 2018

The chief of staff to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan who was forced to resign amid sexual harassment allegations is owed $130,000 in unused vacation and sick time.

Documents show Timothy Mapes was credited with 237 unused days when he was forced to resign June 6.

Mapes stepped down from his $208,000 job after staff member Sheri Garrett alleged that Mapes was dismissive of complaints of sexual harassment and made inappropriate remarks himself.

 The 63-year-old Mapes was a 40-year state employee who had a total of 91 unused vacation days, worth $72,000. He gets a half-a-day's pay each for 146 unused sick days, worth $58,000.

No one answered the door at Mapes' home last week and he did not return written messages left there.