Election-Day Registration Won’t be Available at All Polling Places

Sep 29, 2016

A federal judge is sticking by his decision, determining today that a state law that would have made last-minute voting easier for residents of places including Chicago, Aurora, Bloomington and Rockford is unconstitutional.

The law says voters can register or change their address on election day at all polling places if you happen to live in one of the most populous counties in Illinois.  Most counties were left out, they only have to offer election-day registration at one central location.

The judge previously ruled that the law restricts rural voters' rights. The state's Democratic Attorney General asked him to change his mind, but he's declined.  Meaning, the law won't be in place Nov. 8.

Where does that leave things for voters?  Jim Tenuto is with the Illinois State Board of Elections:

"People can still register on election day. But they just can't' do it on the precinct. What they'd have to do is contact their election authority and see what locations are available."

He says that's usually the county clerk's office.  The court case challenging the law was filed by a conservative group; Republicans say the law was designed to help Democrats, who tend to have more supporters in cities.