Effort To Cap Insulin Costs Could Soon Be Called For A Vote

Oct 24, 2019

Lawmakers could soon vote on a measure that would make Illinois the second state to cap insulin costs.

The legislation, aimed at keeping the drug affordable, would cap prices at $100 a month for some Illinois patients. The average price for insulin in the U.S. is about $450 a month.

The bill’s lead sponsor is Democratic State Sen. Andy Manar.

Speaking on The 21st show, Manar said the bill would not regulate what drug companies charge for insulin — but rather limit what public health plans like Medicare and Medicaid can charge patients for co-pays.

“That’s something that’s gonna have to be worked out between insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical companies, all of which have their hands in the till when it comes to driving prices through the roof,” he said.

Manar said he expects to call the bill for a vote during veto session, which begins Monday.

The proposed measure would not affect private health plans, since those are controlled by the federal government.

Listen to the full interview with Sen. Manar here.