East Peoria Moves Forward on Recreational Cannabis Sales

Sep 3, 2019

With no discussion, the East Peoria City Council approved a 3 percent sales tax on recreational cannabis sales Tuesday evening.

East Peoria commissioners approved the cannabis sales tax 4 to 1, with only Mike Sutherland dissenting. Sutherland previously said he was opposed to recreational cannabis at the public forum on the issue last month.

The council will still need to approve zoning requirements for a recreational cannabis dispensary before state regulators will actually approve one in the city. The Zoning Board of Appeals is set to take up that issue next Monday before it heads to the council for a final vote.

As one of 55 medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois, East Peoria-based NuMed would likely be the vendor for recreational cannabis if the city approves sales.

In Central Illinois, the state has approved only Canton's Salveo Health and Wellness to sell recreational cannabis at the beginning of next year, so far.