East Peoria Hopes To Add More Turn Lanes Near Bob Michel Bridge

Sep 18, 2019

The intersection of River Road and Camp Street in East Peoria may soon become easier to navigate. 

The city council voted Tuesday to approve the first reading of a $144,000 contract with Midwest Engineering to kick off a plan to add more turn lanes at the intersection. This comes after East Peoria residents said they didn’t want a roundabout there.

Commissioner Dan Decker says there are additional benefits to improving Camp and River Road.

“One of the most dangerous intersections in central Illinois, as I’ve mentioned before, is actually the intersection at the base of Bob Michel Bridge. And the intention is by making this intersection safer, it will actually make that intersection safer as well," he said. 

If approved, Planning and Community Development Director Ty Livingston said the hope is to start this project at the same time as the Murray Baker Bridge construction next summer.

“If we’re going to be able to get the approvals done, and get the whatever additional right-of-ways that will be required to be acquired, we have to go through their process before we can do that," he said. 

Livingston says “the stars are aligning” on moving forward with the project. If a contract is approved, Midwest Engineering will draft a plan to submit to IDOT.