Drury Will Remain on Primary Ballot, Despite Questions Over Financial Interest Filing

Jan 11, 2018

Credit Flickr Creative Commons/Ray Bouknight

The Illinois State Board of Elections voted to allow Scott Drury, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General, to remain on the ballot.

Drury is a state representative and that's where confusion arose. 

Candidates have to file statements of economic interest which are done to highlight any financial conflicts of interest.  The hearing focused, not on what was in the filing, but whether it qualified since Drury submitted it as a member of the legislature rather than for the higher office of attorney general.  Drury's attorney argued that was a technicality since both positions are in state government.

Five of the eight board members voted to keep Drury on the ballot.

No word yet on whether the decision will be appealed to a court.

Meanwhile, Drury had challenged another candidate for attorney general, Renato Mariotti, that he lacked enough valid petition signatures.  The board unanimously agreed to let him stay on the ballot.