Downballot GOP Candidates Dodge Endorsement of Trump

Oct 17, 2016


Some Republicans running for office in Illinois are following the lead of Gov. Bruce Rauner -- They’re trying to avoid any talk of Donald Trump.

Candidates running for down ballot races in DuPage County were asked at a League of Women’s Voters forum on Sunday who they’re supporting for president.


State Representative Peter Breen of Lombard is the Republican incumbent.


Credit Gage Skidmore / Flickr/Creative Commons

"I have not gotten involved in this presidential election. I’ve really stuck to more of my local races," Breen said. "I usually only endorse when I can make a difference in the race and when I know the folks."

His Democratic challenger - Steve Swanson - says he’s supporting Hillary Clinton, in an area of the state that tends to vote Republican.


"She’s been tested so many years," Swanson said.


Candidates running for state senator in the same region - Republican Seth Lewis and Democrat Tom Cullerton - gave similar answers.