Cullerton says budget stalemate can be resolved

Jun 17, 2015

The President of the Illinois Senate says he's optimistic the budget showdown can be resolved before state services are affected.  Illinois' current spending plan expires at the end of this month, but there's no deal on a new one.

Gov. Bruce Rauner is still pushing his agenda, which includes pro-business laws and forcing legislators to limit their terms in office. The Republican's ideas have landed with a thud in the Democratic-led General Assembly.

Despite their differences, Senate President John Cullerton says progress is being made. 

"So I'm pretty confident we're not going to have a shutdown. I think we can reach some compromises with the governor on the areas he wants to talk about, once he understands the background of what we've been doing here in the past six years and the progress we've made. So I'm optimistic."

Cullerton says if there isn’t a deal by July 1, he expects there will be one shortly thereafter.

Democrats want to raise taxes so spending doesn’t have to be slashed -- something Rauner says he'll consider if — and only if — his platform gets through.