Cook Country Democrats Endorse Pritzker for Governor

Aug 14, 2017

Democratic Representative Juliana Stratton (right) and Gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker (left) appeared at Chicago's 2017 Bud Billikin Parade. Pritzker recently announced Stratton as his running mate for the 2018 race.
Credit J.B. Pritzker / Twitter

The Cook County Democratic Party has endorsed J-B Pritzker for Illinois governor. But other Democrats say the party should not pick a favorite for the primary. Before the endorsement, State Senator Daniel Biss told party bosses the pick shows Democrats didn’t learn any lessons from the 2016 fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Biss: "We get to decide are we gonna be a billionaire party or are we gonna be a middle class party? Are we gonna be a corporate party or are we gonna be a people’s party? Are we going to hold an election or are we going to hold an auction?"

Another candidate, Chris Kennedy, says the party endorsing for the primary is like someone telling you what to eat at a restaurant. Other Democrats running: Bob Daiber, Scott Drury, Tio Hardiman, Robert Marshall, and Ameya Pawar.