Congressmen Talk Bipartisan Issues at Bradley

Mar 29, 2018

Two Illinois Congressmen talked bi-partisan politics and policy Wednesday at Bradley University. The Institute for Principled Leadership and Dirksen Congressional Center sponsored the event. 

8th District Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi and 18th District Republican Darin LaHood both grew up in Peoria.

Krishnamoorthi says they share too many connections to list but, “I actually went to school with his wife. His dad was my congressman growing-up. He’s my parent’s congressman today. And so when they have constituent services needs they don’t come to me, (laughter) they go to Darin.”

Krishnamoorthi says his experiences growing up in Peoria inform his approach today. He says he only knew Republicans, but they didn’t lead with their politics. Rather, everyone looked for places they could work together to get something done.

In addition to their shared connections to their hometown, they fielded questions on a variety of issues including gun control. 

Congressman LaHood says he would support raising the age on when a person can possess a weapon and there are other things that have to be part of the conversation. “I think obviously a focus on mental illness- you look at every one of these shooters whether it’s Parkland or the other ones mental illness is the foundational piece of that. So what do we do on the federal level? I do think we can play a role in the that.” 

LaHood stopped short of saying he would support a ban on AR-15s or assault weapons. Krishnamoorthi says he would support such a ban. 

The bipartisan duo also took questions about immigration and campaign finance reforms, international relations and social security.  

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