Coffeehouse Sessions Offer Live Music Experience at Rock Solid Studios

Apr 12, 2019

This week, we're talking with Jimmy Bridgeman, the owner of Rock Solid Studios in Dunlap; and with musician David McDonald. Bridgeman says he started his studio in an affort to provide a quality recording facility for local musicians. They've since expanded to add songwriting workshops amd open-mic nights, and their "Coffeehouse sessions." Those combine elements of a recording studio and a small performance venue.

McDonald will be performing at this weekend's Coffeehouse session. He's in the process of trying to put together a recording of original music. He talks about the value that the studios, and the coffeehouse series, have for musicians; and about some of the economics of the music business.

The next Coffeehouse session will be Saturday night at 7:00 at Rock Solid Studios, at 309 North 2nd Street in Dunlap.