Caterpillar Employees Mixed Chorus Presents "Once Upon a Mattress"

Oct 26, 2018

Our guest this week is Jeff Craig, with the Caterpillar Employees Mixed Chorus. He's appearing as the Jester in  their production of the musical, "Once Upon a Mattress."

For 77 years, the Chorus has provided a musical outlet for CAT employees, retirees and dependants. In addition to a musical production each fall, the Chorus also has performances through the winter and spring.

Craig talks about some of the characters who appear in the musical, including his own. The score includes a number of memorable songs. Craig also compares the experience of working on a production with the Chorus, and a show with one of Peoria's community theatres.

Performances of "Once Upon a Mattress" continue Friday and Saturday night, wwith matinees on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, at Eastlight Theatre in East Peoria High School.