As boaters return to Illinois River, AMT advises caution

Jul 31, 2015

Restrictions on the Illinois River were lifted this week. Peoria Public Radio’s Cass Herrington toured the waterway with Advanced Medical Transport to report on remaining risks to boaters.

AMT Community Resource Manager Josh Bradshaw says strong currents and debris still pose a hazard to boaters despite lower water levels.

Debris washed downriver collects near the downtown riverfront.
Credit Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

“There could be submerged tree trunks and things like that, that boaters could collide with," Bradshaw said. "If you hit one of those at say 40 miles per hour on the river, you could find yourself in need of our services.”

Bradshaw says AMT has responded to about three emergency calls on the river this summer. He says that’s relatively low because the river has been closed off to boaters since mid-June.