Are Taller Murals Headed to Peoria?

Jun 26, 2019

Credit WCBU News

There may be more latitude for painting murals on the sides of buildings in Peoria. Murals currently are limited to 30 feet in height.

The city council Tuesday took a first look at a proposed ordinance to allow taller murals, and murals in older areas.

Community Development Director Ross Black says, under the proposed ordinance, the applicant for a larger mural first would have to ask for council approval.

"They would have to show on a case-by-case basis why there is merit in their particular request for a mural that is taller than 30 feet or a mural that would be affixed to a historic building or within a historic district," says Black.

The Historic Preservation Commission would initially have to okay a mural in an historic district. It would then go to the city council.