Ardis describes state of Peoria as in Balance

Feb 3, 2016

The state of the City of Peoria remains in balance, according to Mayor Jim Ardis. 

Some of the areas Ardis pointed to in his annual State of the City luncheon speech include a 2-year city budget, a strong growth pattern for elementary, secondary and higher education and public and private business opportunities. 

16th annual Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce State of the City luncheon
Credit Tanya Koonce

Ardis also told the audience he knows the city has many challenges.

“But we have many people willing to help carry that weight going forward. I hope you’ll be part of the team. As you leave today ask yourself: What am I going to do to help make our community stronger in 2016?”

Ardis invited those in the audience to drop him a line and let him know how they’d like to help. 

About 600 people attended the 16th annual Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce State of the City luncheon.

The CEO of Advanced Medical Transport and Peoria County Board Chair Andrew Rand received the mayor’s Outstanding Community Service Award.

But Ardis did not speak to the impact of the Illinois state budget impasse during the speech. He says that’s because it’s the elephant in the room for every level of government and he says he is still hopeful for a state budget. 

“My worry is that it will be the next fiscal year before they do it. Just for the timing of the elections and so on. But, I mean that’s the only thing we can do is hopefully optimistic that that’s going to happen.”  

Ardis says the lack of a state budget is impacting a lot of community service agencies including the medical community. But he says area legislators remain a united front in their efforts to represent the community. 

He says this remains an issue at the leadership level in General Assembly.