The American Red Cross sees internal restructuring

Oct 28, 2014

The American Red Cross says an internal restructuring will not impact services in west central Illinois or northeast Missouri. The changes took effect Monday morning.

The result is the Moline chapter now houses the local branch that includes McDonough, Hancock, Adams, Clark and Lewis Counties.  Those counties were previously part of the Peoria chapter.

Spokeswoman Erin Miller says this will not change how the Red Cross responds to local emergencies.

“We are still going to be responding to fires.  We are still going to be laying plans down and working with our partners in the community to make sure that if there is a large scale event, that we are able to respond quickly."

Miller says the restructuring eliminated the director positions in both Macomb and Quincy, but those offices will remain open.  The Macomb office will be available for volunteers while the Quincy office will still be staffed by full-time employees.

The Moline chapter of the American Red Cross now encompasses 19 counties in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.