67th HOI Fair Highlights Agribusiness

Jul 8, 2016

The 67th annual HOI Fair starts up this evening.

Roxy Baker helps plan the fair. She says this year’s schedule of events focuses on agribusiness.

“We want the urban setting that we’ve become, we want those people to come in and see what it is, what agribusiness is.”

Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Baker says that includes moving the livestock shows to the evening hours when the fair is open and more people can attend.

“So there will be hog shows and dairy shows and we also have a celebrity swine showmanship competition. The swine aren’t the celebrities. We have local celebrities, if you will, from the Peoria area. They’re going to come in and show hogs.”

Baker says the home arts exhibits and foods are in air conditioned buildings this year and the antique tractor show is back.

The fair is also showcasing Midwest grown musical talent, all of which is in the Beer Pavilion. But Baker says it is designed to be family friendly. Tuesday night is family night at the fair, with special gate pricing.  

The fair begins Fri. at 4pm and runs through Saturday, July 16th.