Planned Giving - Become a Member of Peoria Public Radio's Legacy Society

You can support Peoria Public Radio for a Lifetime.

Extend your generosity to Peoria Public Radio through careful and thoughtful gift planning.  We offer a number of ways for you to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of public radio listeners.

Everyone leaves a legacy, whether it is in the form of tangible property, family history, or an accomplishment that will inspire future generations.

Through thoughtful gift planning, your passion for Peoria Public Radio and the mission of the station will continue to enhance the lives of central Illinois listeners for years to come. Several options make it possible for you to make a significant gift to the station while receiving tax benefits or life income.

Whether your estate is large or small, a legacy gift can be made by including Peoria Public Radio in your will, by making the station a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, or by including Peoria Public Radio as a beneficiary of your trust. Your gift will be used to support the station in perpetuity.

How to include Peoria Public Radio in your Will or Trust

The most frequently asked question is  "How should the station be referred to in my will?"  The answer is  "WCBU at Bradley University, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, located in Peoria, Illinois 61625."

Testamentary gifts may be in the form of a dollar amount, a specific asset, or a part or all of the residue of one's estate, according to the following examples:

1. Dollar Amount
    I bequeath the sum of _______________dollars to Peoria Public Radio

2. Fixed percentage
    I bequeath _____% of my entire estate to Peoria Public Radio.

3. Specific asset
    (a) I bequeath my real estate described as (legal description) to Peoria Public Radio.
    (b) I bequeath all my shares of stock in XYZ Corporation to Peoria Public Radio.

4. Residue of Estate

    I bequeath all (_____percentage) of the residue of my estate, after payment of all
    claims, expenses of administration, taxes, and prior bequests, if any, to Peoria Public Radio.

You may wish to provide this information to the attorney who prepares your will/trust. We will be glad to furnish any additional information.  Please contact the  Membership Department at (309) 677-2342.

You can get additional information by visiting the Bradley University gift planning site.