Catrina Petersen

Catrina Petersen is an intern at WGLT focused on reporting and online writing. She is also a student in Illinois State University's School of Communication.

An Illinois State University faculty member has been recognized for his sci-fi screenplay about a chaotic near future that connects to many divisive issues in our present.

Consolidated local elections typically produce a lower voter turnout than even-year elections like presidential cycles. Normally, only about 20% of registered voters cast ballots.

The Children's Discovery Museum in Uptown Normal is tentatively planning to reopen May 1, but there are a lot of moving parts for its staff to consider.

A student organization is tackling two of the world’s biggest threats: hunger and climate change.

The Illinois State University Food Recovery Network (FRN) chapter collected the most leftovers in the nation in 2020 to provide those in need with meals.

An Illinois State University sorority says it is “stepping” up to collect shoes for people in developing nations.

Delta Zeta Lambda Rho said it is just 300 shoe pairs shy of its 1,500-pair goal. 

Ally Lawler heads philanthropy for Delta Zeta Lambda Rho. 

Red Cross blood donor
DREW BROWN / American Red Cross

The need for donated blood doesn’t pause for holidays, game days or a pandemic." src="/sites/all/modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/break/images/spacer.gif" title="<--break-->">

Dano / Flickr / CC-by 2.0

Recyclable items will be making it into Peoria residents’ carts Sunday for America Recycles Day. 

There have been multiple lockdowns in a Pekin federal prison to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the facility, with many inmates losing contact with families during the times they are confined to their cells.

And the family of one inmate said the impact on the family and the inmate is high.

A study done by two Illinois Wesleyan University professors and a Bloomington veterinarian shows 48% of ground venison packets sampled had lead contamination.