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A new resident police officer has moved into the East Bluff.

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Thomas Railsback, an Illinois Republican congressman who helped draw up articles of impeachment against President Richard Nixon in 1974, has died at age 87. 

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The East Peoria City Council took the first step to approve Roy Sorce's application to start up a craft cannabis growing operation off Route 116. 

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A couple is making one of the largest donations in Bradley University's history.

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There's no how-to guide for re-adjusting to civilian life after returning home from war. 

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Illinois Republicans are calling for an immediate hearing after 574 non-citizens were registered to vote through the state's automatic voter registration system. 

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Starved Rock State Park lacks a single trail accessible to people with physical disabilities. The "For the Love of Starved Rock" campaign aims to change that.

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Five-year-old Jeremiah Wilson went for a swim at the pool on a summer afternoon last June. 

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Many set New Year's resolutions to start a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Maintaining promises to your best self aren't always easy. WCBU's Kristin McHugh sits down with OSF Saint Francis Clinical dietician Kaela Ketcham at Peoria's RiverPlex.   

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The keynote speaker at Peoria's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Luncheon made voting rights the main theme of his address.

The Peoria Civic Center placed bids to host both the IHSA Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments for the next three years.

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On this week’s episode, fiber artist Dana Baldwin joins Jenn Gordon to talk about her stunning collection of dresses created out of film strips. The exhibit: Dana Baldwin - Film Dresses, is on display through end of January at the Peoria Art Guild. 

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A basketball arcade game manufacturer is celebrating its grand debut in Peoria.

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The Illinois State Board of Education yesterday approved a budget request seeking $9.6 billion dollars in state funds, most of which will go to the state’s “evidence-based funding” model, designed to bring all school districts up to adequate funding.

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Illinois lawmakers last year moved to crack down on acts of violence committed in a place of worship. The legislation, signed by Governor JB Pritzker, asks judges to increase the penalty for murder and assault in a church or against someone engaged in religious practice.

As Bradley University Political Science Professor Craig Curtis explains to WCBU, the measure comes at a time when lawmakers are moving away from mandating harsher criminal punishments — and does little to  protect congregations.

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Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton's office leads the state’s Justice, Equity and Opportunity Initiative. She joined The 21st show to discuss the state's efforts to bring more people of color into the cannabis industry, reinvest in struggling communities and help people with criminal records for low-level cannabis offenses get their records cleared.

The CEO of Peoria's Children's Home says it's important for non-profits to think like businesses, not charities.

Matt George wrote a new book..."The Nonprofit Game Plan: The Proven Strategy to Nonprofit Success."

George said just like for-profit businesses, non-profits need money to avoid cutting back on services. But he said there is important distinction.

"The difference in a for-profit is you may lose revenue or investors are not happy or the stock goes down. What happens in a not-for-profit, is it could mean life or death," he said. 

Peoria City Council Talks Pension Fee Bills, Towing Rules

Jan 15, 2020
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The Public Safety Pension Fee bills generated some buzz at Tuesday's Peoria City Council meeting.

The bills landed in property owner’s mailboxes last week.

City Manager Patrick Urich estimates they’ve received 100 calls a day. With 47,000 bills sent out, he says he doesn’t consider the call volume to be that significant. The new fee funds Peoria’s portion of police and firefighter pensions for the state.

The amount owed is based on the size of the property with a majority paying $25 for 2019.

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On just the first day of sales on January 1, legal marijuana in Illinois brought in nearly $3.2 million dollars, with a total of almost $11 million dollars in sales by the end of that week, according to the state.

But while recreational weed is now legal in Illinois, it’s still considered a schedule 1 drug at the federal level. That makes banking a challenge for weed businesses.

Both Peoria County State's Attorney candidates say youth outreach is how the county can begin to reduce its rates of juveniles charged with crimes. 

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The new year marks new leadership at the helm at the Peoria Fire Department.

A badge pinning ceremony Tuesday made official Tony Ardis' promotion to fire chief. Also honored were Assistant Fire Chief Jim Bachman, Division Chief Shawn Sollberger, Battalion Chief Stephen Rada and Captain Bobby Anderson.

Ardis, who assumed the position after Ed Olehy, retired in December said more public education and outreach are among his top priorities.

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Peoria International Airport is adding nonstop flights to the Music City. 

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It's rare to see additional faces in the few remaining bureaus in the state capitol these days. But WEEK/HOI's parent company is bucking that trend.

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A local food distribution company wants to start up a new side business to stay open: craft cannabis growing.

Eugene Farrell of Roseville is calling it quits on his campaign for the Republican nomination for the 17th Congressional District. 

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A new after-school program for Peoria Public Schools students aims to make neighborhoods safer and prevent youth violence.


Peoria Public Schools is formally cutting ties with a former school resource officer criticized for a racially insensitive social media post.

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Illinois isn't typically in play in presidential primaries. Peoria, even less so.

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Nobody was injured after a school bus transporting East Peoria high school students was involved in a crash Saturday. 

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With a record 25 homicides on the books in the city of Peoria last year, responding to violence and ensuring safety is a key campaign issue for both Peoria County State's Attorney candidates. But both candidates have different takes on how relationships play into that response.