Local Content & Services Report

WCBU is a news and information format station. We serve 32,000 listeners per week, in 10 counties.  Our reporters cover topics of local, regional, and national interest.  We broadcast and post news stories over the air, on Twitter, Facebook, and our website.  We record and broadcast local music concerts, like the Peoria Symphony Orchestra. We also air Peoria City Council meetings when they occur.

For the second year in a row, WCBU partnered with AARP and WUIS-FM to host a town hall forum about the impact of the sad state of the Illinois budget, and the impact on the community’s citizens and businesses.  We also promote a free class for high school students, which prepares them for the SAT/ACT tests.  We also air a “community events calendar,” which benefits several non-profit groups in the area.

WCBU partners with the local Arts Partners non-profit group on a weekly interview program, which promotes local art, music, theatre, and dance events.  We also post a weekly “community events calendar” on our website.  Some of the events we have promoted were very well attended, compared to the other similar events that we didn’t promote.  We also partnered with AARP, which connected people with financial and retirement resources.

WCBU operates the Radio Information Service.  Volunteers read the local newspaper on the air for the benefit of the visually impaired.  The service reaches a diverse audience of blind citizens in a ten county area.

WCBU records, edits, and produces local symphonic concerts, recitals and other musical events.  Without CPB funding, we could not afford to provide that service for our listeners.  We also would have to make drastic programming cuts if we lost CPB funding.