Learn More About Our Listeners

Each week, more than 30,000 people, in more than ten counties in central Illinois tune in to WCBU for award-winning news and music programming. Our listeners are a highly desirable audience:

EDUCATION: Our listeners are highly educated.

  • 72% more likely to have a bachelor degree
  • More than 4 times likely to hold a doctorate degree
  • Our listeners are life-long  learners.


  • $100,000 and more: Our listeners are more than twice  as likely as the average household to enjoy this income level.
  • $250,000 and more: Our listeners are 139% more likely than the average household to enjoy this income level. 


  • Our listeners are business leaders, and owners.
  • Our listeners are three times more likely to be a CEO, business owner or someone  who makes financial business decisions.


  • Our listeners are involved in the community.
  • Our listeners volunteer three times greater than the average adult and are connected with the community.

For more information, please contact Anna Chumbley, WCBU Corporate Support Director, at 309-438-4648 or awchumb@illinoisstate.edu.