Stormwater Utility Fee

Peoria to Implement Stormwater Utility Fee in June

Mar 14, 2018
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The city of Peoria needs to fund repairs to some 400 stormwater problem areas, costing about $17 million. That is in addition to paying for a fix for the city’s combined sewers that empty stormwater and sewage into the Illinois River during heavy rainfall. Along with a possible sewer rate increase, the stormwater fee could help the city bring in additional revenue for upcoming projects.  

City Council Approves 2018 Budget, Increases Fees

Dec 6, 2017
Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

The City of Peoria has a budget for next year, but the vote was not unanimous.

Peoria Public Radio / Tanya Koonce

Peoria’s group that was formed to reduce storm-water runoff looked at several possible fee rates to charge residents.  

Planning for Peoria's costly CSO fix

Dec 29, 2014

The US EPA is expected to require the City of Peoria to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in sewer improvements. But officials say it’s unclear exactly when the figure will be known.

Costs to stormwater management

Sep 3, 2013

Residents in Peoria and Tazewell counties could start paying a stormwater utility fee late next year. It’s part of a measure signed by Governor Pat Quinn last month that creates a stormwater management committee for Peoria and Dupage Counties.