State Senator Daniel Biss

Biss Calls For Financial Transaction Tax in Illinois

Feb 21, 2018

All the Democratic candidates for governor except Robert Marshall support a graduated state income tax in Illinois. But only Tio Hardiman and State Senator Daniel Biss support another way of taxing the wealthy --- the so-called LaSalle Street tax proposal. That’s a proposal to tax financial transactions, such as the buying and selling of stocks.

Speaking on the talk show The 21st, Biss says his support of a financial transactions tax sets him apart from the other front-running candidates.

The Democratic candidates for Illinois governor are increasingly getting asked what they think of their own party’s leader, House Speaker Michael Madigan.

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Today, the Cook County Democratic Party officially endorsed J-B Pritzker’s campaign for Illinois governor ahead of next year’s primary.

Pritzker says he doesn’t need the party’s money - the billionaire has already given his own campaign more than $21 million dollars. But the endorsement means organizational help and his name on mailers.

Pritzker addressed Cook County Democratic officials this morning (FRI).

PRITZKER: Like no other candidate in this race, I am focused on building up the party, uniting the Democratic Party.

Kurt Summers Passes on Bid for Governor in 2018

Apr 26, 2017

Chicago Treasurer Kurt Summers says he will NOT run for Illinois governor. Instead - he’s endorsing one of the Democrats hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner.

Summers went so far as to ask Cook County Democratic Party leaders for their endorsement. But today - Summers said he’s not running for governor, without really explaining why.

He endorsed billionaire venture capitalist JB Pritzker, saying Pritzker would best serve the African-American community as governor.

Democratic Governor Candidates Attack Rauner Agenda

Mar 27, 2017

Cook County Democratic leaders heard from the six candidates thinking of running for governor today ahead of a potential endorsement later this year, each candidate attacked Governor Bruce Rauner.

A new super-PAC that goes by the acronym "LIFT" is spending a million dollars on ads tying Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to Donald Trump.  Democratic State Senator Daniel Biss is the PAC's chairman.  Biss says the campaign is meant to inform voters what their choices from the top of the ballot on down mean for the state's future.

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Illinois law allows doctors to opt out of providing some services or medications that are against their religious beliefs. Illinois Public Radio's Lisa Ryan reports on a legislator who wants to make sure patients aren't denied information about those services. 

New legislation proposed in Illinois would require health care providers who deny care based on religious beliefs to provide patients with information about where to find treatment.