Illinois Community College Board

An Illinois House committee has approved a bill that would prevent credit card companies from marketing their products on public university and community college campuses.

The Illinois Community College Board is planning to roll out several alternative ways people can earn their high school equivalency certificate other than passing a test.

An Illinois task force that's studying adult education is brainstorming potential goals and will determine what improvements or problems need to be considered. 

The state’s ongoing budget impasse has hit community colleges particularly hard, with funds to these schools and the students who attend them drastically reduced. The Illinois Community College Board is distributing $3 million in emergency aid, divided among seven campuses.

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The Illinois Board of Higher Education has approved $17 million in emergency funding to help three financially-strapped state universities through the end of the year.  Under the agreement Western Illinois University gets $8.4 million, Eastern Illinois University receives about $5.6 million and Chicago State University gets around $3 million.  The funding can only be used to pay down costs incurred this year.

Illinois community colleges receive $23 million from the federal government to provide adult education classes that help people pass the GED test. But to continue receiving those funds, the state has to kick in $32 million, and prove its programs work, by showing results.

Because there is no budget, the state hasn't contributed its portion this year.Karen Hunter Anderson, president of the Illinois Community College Board, says that without that money, the programs haven't performed as well.

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