Illinois officials are investing $240 million in two dozen projects designed to improve freight mobility throughout the state and relieve congestion.

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The Illinois Department of Transportation will invest $11 billion dollars in the state’s road system over the next six years. Governor Bruce Rauner announced the multi-year plan on the Illinois River shore near the McClugage Bridge in Peoria today.

Police statewide are targeting distracted driving with special patrols for the rest of the month. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation says a worker was struck and critically injured while filling potholes along a central Illinois roadway.

A recent update to the Illinois Department of Transportation website aims to make winter road condition information more convenient and accessible for drivers.

A redesign of the “Getting Around Illinois” website features more detailed reports on snow coverage, as well as the ability to zoom in to a specific location or travel route.

The redesign also introduces a new color scheme to match seamlessly with those from surrounding states.

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CHICAGO (AP) - State officials say there's a newly-redesigned website for travelers that offers the most up-to-date information on road conditions. 

A new $3.7 million train station has opened in southern Illinois.

Illinois transportation officials are asking for the public's input in its annual traveler opinion survey.

The Executive Inspector General has found that an Illinois Department of Transportation administrator violated conflict-of-interest and merit-hiring rules in the hiring of her next-door neighbor as fleet manager in 2014. 

Road Management Agencies Gear Up for Winter

Nov 16, 2017
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Rows of snowplows lined up outside the Gateway Building Thurs., as if to say “bring it on, winter!”

State Rep. Mike Unes is working with Hollis Township, I-DOT and the Illinois State Police to install a stop light at the intersection of Route 24 and Cameron Lane.


Unes says a car crash at the intersection last month that killed a 21-year-old mother, Kaitlyn Hines, was devastating. He says too many accidents and close-calls have taken place at the intersection to overlook the issue.

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Passing a budget wasn’t the only thing Illinois lawmakers did last week. They also named a major road after former president Barack Obama. 

Budget Impasse Could Stall Peoria Roads Projects

Jun 16, 2017
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The Peoria County Highway Department says it’s possible ongoing-state-funded road projects will be shut down June 30th.

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Peoria City Council okayed two amendments to extend funding for land acquisition and engineering work on the Pioneer Parkway extension.

Officials say they're changing mowing routes along interstates to help protect dwindling populations of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators.  Illinois Transportation Secretary Randy Blankenhorn says the agency is one of the state's biggest landowners and has a responsibility to "act as steward of the environment."

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Illinois Interstate travel may seem grassier this summer than in years past.


The Illinois Department of Transportation is reducing its mowing along Interstate greenways. Starting this month, IDOT is only mowing 15 feet of right of way beyond the edge of the roadway. It’s part of the effort to encourage growth of plant species as a food source for bees, butterflies and other insects. Specifically, the goal is to help revive shrinking populations of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators.

A new report by a court-appointed watchdog group charged with looking into patronage hiring at the Illinois transportation department, details how friends and relatives of top Democrats were hired under former Gov. Pat Quinn, even though many had little or no experience.

Illinois transportation officials say $4 million in state and federal funds will be used to conduct bridge inspections in Chicago. The Illinois Department of Transportation announced it will be receiving $800,000 in state money and $3.2 million in federal funds.

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The Illinois State Police has issued a winter weather travel advisory for this weekend. State Police along with the Department Transportation are urging motorists that travel may be impacted by freezing rain and sleet today through Sunday.

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CHICAGO (AP) - Police officers will be on the lookout across Illinois for holiday revelers who shouldn't be behind the wheel.

In a news release, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois State Police say that nearly 200 law enforcement agencies will out in force in the hopes of keeping the number of fatalities down during the last days of 2016. 

The release says that enforcement will take place around the clock but will be stepped up at night and that motorists will see roadside safety checks, seat-belt enforcement zones as well as extra patrols looking for impaired drivers. 

Highway construction in Chicago has turned up charred debris from the Chicago Fire.  The Illinois Department of Transportation is in the final stages of a two-year, $134 million reconstruction of ramps connecting Interstate-55 and Lake Shore Drive.

It's that time of year when drivers need to keep an eye out for deer on roadways.  The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Department of Natural Resources are warning motorists that November is the highest-risk month for crashes involving deer. That's because fall is mating season. There's increased deer movement, especially at dawn and dusk.

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As Halloween parties get underway, State and Local law enforcement, as well as the Illinois Department of Transportation, are reminding drivers to exercise some extra awareness. IDOT Spokesman Brian Williamsen says children will also be out past dark.

"You know it’s dark outside, it’s getting darker earlier and earlier," Williamsen said. "Kids are going to be out when they probably normally would not be out, so definitely be aware of that.”


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IDOT says the lengthy Interstate 74 project in Morton is complete.

Interstate 74 is now three lanes in each direction from Pleasant Hill Road to Morton avenue. The 1-55 interchange is also reconfigured to improve access to Morton Ave and that community. Morton Mayor Ron Rainson says thank you doesn’t seem like enough:

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Illinois transportation officials are announcing $31 million in expanded travel options.  Randy Blankenhorn is state transportation secretary. He says his agency has approved 33 projects to improve biking and walking paths, trails, beautify street-sides and more. 

Transportation officials in Indiana and Illinois expect to complete a revised environmental impact assessment for the proposed Illiana Expressway between the two states this fall.  Environmentalists have fought the 47-mile tollway plan, arguing it would threaten the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie south of Chicago. Some planners also question the need for the roadway and its financial viability.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - An Illinois agency is encouraging kids to go old school - and walk to school.

The Illinois Department of Transportation wants school children across the state to mark Annual International Walk to School Day by walking to school on Oct. 5, if they can.   

 The idea behind it is to promote walking to and from school, while also stressing improved health awareness overall.  Nearly 130 schools in Illinois hosted events on the occasion a year ago. One Aurora school handed out a "Golden Shoe Award" for the class with the most walkers on the day. 

Gov. Bruce Rauner has laid off 29 Illinois Department of Transportation employees who were among those improperly hired based on political connections.

State and local law enforcement officials are warning motorists to "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" during the Labor Day weekend.  The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Illinois State Police are teaming up with nearly 200 local police agencies to reduce fatalities on the heavily traveled weekend. 

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Nearly two dozen stretches of roadways across central Illinois are designated to memorialize someone.  An Illinois Department of Transportation report says there are 22 such designated pieces of roadway in the 12 counties of the department's fourth district, which runs from south of the Quad Cities to the McLean County line.