Tornadoes Level Homes Across Tri-County Area

Nov 17, 2013

Heavy storms and at least one tornado ripped through Central Illinois Sunday morning. Peoria Public Radio's Alex Rusciano reports the storms devastated parts of Washington.


 Hundreds of people picked through the rubble of what remained of their homes in the town of about 15-thousand.  The tornado destroyed entire blocks of homes.  Resident Susan Newton lives next door to the Trails Edge neighborhood that was heavily damaged.  She says the tornado demolished most of her street while she was at church


“We have neighbors that have lost their entire home, and last night we were at a dinner party at friends of ours, and their home is gone. Gone. There’s nothing left.”


Ambulances continued to race across town and traffic near Washington was backed up for miles.  Emergency shelters are set up across the community.  The extent of injuries remains unknown.  I’m Alex Rusciano in Peoria. 




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