Teen Charged with First-Degree Murder in Double Homicide; Makes 1st Appearance in Court

Apr 12, 2018

16-year-old Jermontay Brock is charged with first degree murder for the death of Anthony ‘AJ’ Polnitz at a house party last weekend. Brock is being held on $1 Million bond.

The 22-year-old Polnitz and 18-year-old Bradley University Student Nasjay Murry were killed early Sunday morning at the party at the corner of Bradley and Western Avenues. Another Bradley student was injured in that shooting. She was treated and released.

As for charges related to Murry’s death Peoria County State’s Attorney Jerry Brady will say only the investigation is ongoing. Police alleged Brock is the only gunman in the case. More charges are likely when Brock makes his first appearance in a Peoria County Courtroom Friday morning.

Interim Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion says detectives continue to investigate the Saturday night shooting death of John Bell III. He says police are still looking into whether the two cases might be related.

4:15 P.M: UPDATE: 16 year-old Jermontay Brock made his first appearance in a Peoria Courtroom Friday charged as an adult with first degree murder. 

Peoria Police says Brock is the sole suspect in the death of 22 year-old Anthony ‘AJ’ Polnitz and 18 year-old Bradley University Student Nasjay Murry. They were shot and killed in the wee hours last Sunday at house party near the University. 

Brock appeared before Judge Jodi Hoos, turing to look for his mom when asked about his legal representation. Nathan Bach was appointed as Brock’s public defender at least for today’s proceedings.

 Brock’s mom Caroline Alexander says she is, “going to meet with the public defender and we’ll talk and we’ll go from there.”

 But Alexander says there’s something else she wants people to know. “My son did not do that. He is innocent and it will be proven that he didn’t do that,” she says.  

The judge offered a week for the family to hire an attorney citing the age of the defendant and the fact that he’s in custody.

Jermontay Brock will remain in custody at the juvenile detention center based on his age. His bond remains at $1 Million. 

Brock’s  preliminary hearing is set for May 10th.