Smoke Prompts Evacuation of Chase Bank Building

Oct 16, 2017

Peoria Firefighters were called to the Chase Bank Building at Jefferson and Hamilton downtown for a smoke alarm about 1:50 p.m Monday afternoon. 

All the businesses and workers in the building were evacuated.

Peoria Battalion Chief J.R. Malone says an elevator motor overheated and caused the Penthouse to be filled with light smoke that they used fans to clear. 

“The elevator in question is down. It will be down for quite a while probably until they replace the motor or fix it, whatever they have to do to it. But they did lose the motor on it,” Malone said. “There are two other elevators working in the building.”

Battalion Chief Malone says there was little smoke damage because most of the smoke escaped through the elevator shaft.

The elevator motor that overheated was inspected last in April. No one was injured.