Schock introduces bill to expand health care exemption

Mar 11, 2014

US Congressman Aaron Schock wants to expand a religious exemption to the Affordable Care Act. The House passed Schock’s Equitable Access to Care and Health, or EACH, Act. Schock says the Affordable Care Act currently allows a few select faiths to exempt themselves from paying individual penalties. He says his legislation expands the exemption to more individuals.

 Some members of Congress spoke out against Shock’s bill, saying it would force the IRS to determine which American’s beliefs meet the exemption standard. Some also say the Act would give more people a way to escape paying penalties by claiming it violates their religious beliefs.

 Schock says his bill revokes the exemption and imposes fines for those found to seek medical treatment at any point during the year. The measure now heads to the US Senate.  The national deadline to purchase health insurance is March 31st.