Rauners Witness Cupich's Elevation to Cardinal

Nov 21, 2016

The Rauners met with Chicago Archbishop and newly-elevated Cardinal Blase Cupich.
Credit Gov. Bruce Rauner / Facebook

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and First Lady Diana Rauner’s Roman holiday is coming to an end. They were part of an 80-member Chicago delegation to the Vatican where they witnessed Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich become a cardinal. 

Rauner posted several videos to Facebook during the four-day trip.

“This morning we went to our first Papal mass; 150, 000 in St. Peter’s Square.  Completely filled. Beautiful day, 70 degrees, sunny, beautiful clouds, birds flying over. And the Pope came by, and he came by in his Pope Mobile. Came right within a few feet of us, and we waved. Got some nice videos of it.”

Governor Bruce Rauer and First Lady Diana Rauner, enjoyed some gelato, and cappuccino while sightseeing in Rome.
Credit Gov. Bruce Rauner / Twitter

The governor also said in the video that he’s enjoyed eating Italian chocolate gelato. The Rauners paid for the trip themselves. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, they brought along one of their daughters, Katherine Rauner.