Rauner to Face Primary Challenger in 2018

Dec 5, 2017

It’s official: on Mon., Gov. Bruce Rauner drew an opponent in next year’s Republican primary. 

State Rep. Jeanne Ives says the first-term incumbent has been a let down.

“He’s betrayed our party, and you know what? You cannot buy back trust after a betrayal.”

Jeanne Ives

She cites disagreements with the incumbent on a range of issues ... from immigration and abortion ... to taxes and spending.

“Governor Rauner is responsible for the 32 percent tax increase," Ives said. "He failed to hold Republicans together, and he budget for such as well. His proposed budget actually spent more money than the passed budget by the Democrats.”

Ives is referring to this summer’s end of the budget impasse — when more than a dozen Republicans broke with Rauner to help Democrats pass a tax increase.

Rauner, however, was dismissive of Ives’ candidacy.

“It’s part of the process. You get some fringe elements coming in,” Gov. Rauner said. 

Rauner ignored at least four follow-up questions about just how Ives is a “fringe” candidate.
He also refused to commit to debating her before the primary election.