Quinn speaks out against Metra leadership

Aug 5, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is speaking out against leadership at the troubled Metra rail agency and its parent organization.  IPR’s Tony Arnold explains:


 Governor Quinn is criticizing the Regional Transportation Authority - the organization that oversees Metra - for not doing enough to supervise what’s going on at the rail agency.

 QUINN: We give both RTA and Metra some huge amounts of money - of taxpayer money - for getting people to work on time. And if they’re not living up to the taxpayer duties and responsibilities, then we need to restructure the whole operation.

 Four Metra board members have resigned in recent weeks.

 After its outgoing C-E-O alleged he was let go for not granting personnel requests from state politicians.

Quinn says he wants a panel of experts in the area to pitch a new way to structure transportation agencies.

 He says he’s waiting for his inspector general to complete an official investigative report. A Metra spokesperson would not immediately comment.