Proposed River Trail Apartment Development Still On Hold

Nov 20, 2017

The proposed Rivertrail Apartments project on parkland along Peoria’s riverfront has been awaiting state and federal government approval for three years.

The city has identified new park land it believes is equivalent in value in exchange for the area the apartments will displace. While the state department of Natural Resources has approved the land conversion, the National Park Service has not.

Credit Peoria Public Radio

At dispute is whether the city can apply an excess of $66,000 from a past land conversion to this project. City officials believe the extra value will eventually be approved. Assistant City Manager Chris Setti says that will allow developer Desmond Curran to move forward.

“He would love to be able to break ground this spring. I think we can make that happen. We have a couple of last things that need to get done with the conversion but other than that, I think there’s some optimism that we’re close to the end,” Setti said.

In addition to the issue of the conversion, the city must find a new location for the existing volleyball courts. It also must reach agreement with the Peoria Boat Club, whose clubhouse is on the land that is designated for conversion.