Peoria Public School Enrollment Holds Steady

Oct 31, 2017

The Illinois State Board of Education released its annual report card Tues. and the data show some shifts in Peoria Public Schools 2017 enrollment. 

PPS overall enrollment declined slightly, with a total of 13,278 students -- down about 20 students since last year. 

For the most part, PPS student racial makeup largely stayed the same year-over-year, too. 57 percent of students are black, 22 percent are white, and about 11 percent are Hispanic. The number of Hispanic students grew 0.9 percent. 

Poverty continues to be a challenge for students and families in the district. Both the percentages of students who are homeless and students considered low-income increased compared to 2016. Student homelessness rose to 4.2 percent, a 0.5 percent increase compared last year. Students considered low-income climbed climbed about 5 percent, to 72.7 percent.

Report cards are compiled with data including student attendance, test scores and the state’s student data system. 

Conversely, Dunlap School District 323 gained more than a hundred students this year, with a total enrollment of 4,463. 

The Illinois State Board of Education's Report Card Data includes a public search tool for individual districts and schools. It can be accessed here